Fiction with a dash of the fantastic!

I'm Lyndon Perry, a pastor, husband, and grateful father of two. I enjoy dark roast coffee, herd cats on the side, and used to teach middle grade English. I also run Tule Fog Press, an indie publisher helping readers and authors find each other in various genres, including mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, and more. Feel free to drop by there and check out our offerings.

Many of my stories are speculative in nature - fiction with a dash of the fantastic. But I also enjoy writing about matters of faith, mainstream lit, humor, sci-fi, fantasy, and a bit of horror as well. As Garth Perry, I write thriller, mystery, and suspense. In other words, I'll write in any genre that piques my interest. :) Let me know what kinds of stories you enjoy, I may have a recommendation.

Also, feel free to contact me at lyngperry @ yahoo.com or find me on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads or Amazon or wherever! If all else fails, simply comment on a post or two, I'd love to hear from you!

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