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The Princess and the Zombie ~ And Other Stories
by Lyndon Perry

This latest collection of 'cozy thrillers' features some light and humorous takes on zombies, devils, and djinns. These 6 tales, about 40 pages, will entertain you over a lunch break for less than a cup of coffee.

Includes six 'horror lite' stories:
+ Billy Farnsworth: Zombie Hunter
+ The Princess and the Zombie
+ The Newbie and the Zombie
+ One More Book Before I Die
+ Exorcising Judgment
+ Exit Ramp

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Currently available only on Amazon (and free to Kindle Unlimited readers). Coming to a number of select retailers this summer. Stay tuned!

Space Opera Humor!

The Adventures of Mazaru, 
the Space Monkey Pirate
by Lyndon Perry

This short collection of five stories features Mazaru, the Space Monkey Pirate, and his human sidekick, Captain Ed Drake, as they adventure across the galaxy to confront the King of the Space Monkey Pirates himself.

Features Five Monkey "Tails"
+ Shock the Monkey
+ Thousand Splendid Monkeys
+ Space Monkey Business
+ Barrel of Space Monkeys
+ Space Monkey See

This bit of clean and whimsical "space opera lite" is about 30 pages in length. Great for a quick read over the lunch hour or right before bed!

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Ulemet and the Jaguar God
A mesoamerican fantasy by Lyndon Perry

Deformed and misshapen at birth, Ulemet is ugly in a way that attracts second looks, but seldom pity. Cursed by her Olmec village elders and taunted by her people, she flees into the rainforest never to return. 

Rejected and alone, the young girl's only solace is her small jade carving of Uaxaca, the jaguar animal spirit she wagers will guard her as she makes her way to Tenochtitlán, the golden city of hope.

Escaping danger after danger only to be captured by slavers, Ulemet is forced to play in the ulama, the sacrificial ball game that could result in her freedom or end in her death. 

Will her hopes in Uaxaca prove misplaced, or will the jaguar god, who's visited her dreams as a mysterious shaman, finally prove true?

"Lyndon Perry delves into an ancient culture and discovers a courageous new heroine. Ulemet's journey is a heart-wrenching demonstration of the power of hope and endurance in the face of overwhelming adversity." - Fred Warren, author of The Muse and The Seer

This novella of about 40 pages is a mesoamerican fantasy and set about 1000 BC in what is now the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

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Petition - A Silo Saga (SF, post-apocalypse)

Sword of Otrim Series (historical fantasy)

At Long Last (story collections)

More Stories and Novellas

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West of the Texas Nebula

A Space Western Short Story
by Dan Devine and Lyndon Perry

While honoring the visiting dignitaries from Tau Ceti, Sol’s Mayor, Wit Thomason, had a heart attack. He spent a good couple of minutes twitching on the floor, soiling his finest suit, right there in front of aliens, citizens, and everybody.

It was only a matter of time before some gunslinger made a move to take over the job. And if I wanted to save my skin, it was high time for me to get out of Dodge.

This story first appeared at SpaceWesterns Zine and was published in 2008. It's still available to read online for free.