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Recently Completed and/or Published
  • Ma Tutt's Donut Hut (bizarro cozy, 4700 words, currently in submission) 
  • I Just About Died (flash fiction, currently in submission)
  • Running Late (flash fiction, currently in submission)
  • Possibly His Last Exorcism (flash fiction, currently in submission) 
  • A Promise of Glory and A Trumpet for Battle (Sword of Otrim)
  • The Last Prayer, Uprising, and Silence (Petition - A Silo Saga)
  • Ulemet and the Jaguar God (Mesoamerican fantasy novella)
  • The Princess and the Zombie (humor, mainstream/spec, in collection)
  • Free at Smashwords! Beyond the Veil by Gustavo Bondoni and Lyndon Perry (horror)
  • Amazon Exclusive: Freshman English, also includes This is Not My Autobiography (literary humor)
  • Amazon Exclusive: One More Book Before I Die, also includes Or the Highway (mainstream/spec)
  • Sorrow Remains for the Night, includes 3 inspirational fables (Amazon and Smashwords)
  • Last Laughs, includes 4 humor mashups - Og's Greatest Invention, Even Superheroes! and 2 more. (Amazon and soon at Smashwords)
  • Last Gasps, includes 3 cozy thrillers - Interview With The Vampire, Captain Tyler's Ghost, and Show, Don't Tell (Amazon and soon at Smashwords)
  • A Lesson in War - A Sword of Otrim Story (Amazon and Smashwords, sword and sorcery/fantasy)
Older Stories
+ Audition With The Vampire (Every Day Fiction, February 27, 2012)
A Shepherd Boy's First Christmas, biblical fiction (self-published, December 2011)
+ This Is Not My Autobiography, literary fiction (Mikrokosmos, Spring 2010)
+ The Sorrow of Raetheos, prose poem (Digital Dragon, Feb 2010)
+ Spring, Finally, prose poem (Every Day Poets, Sept 4, 2009)
+ Three Twitter Fictions, horror, (Thaumatrope, July 27, Aug 9, Aug 15, 2009)
+ West of the Texas Nebula, short story cowritten w/ Dan Devine (SpaceWesterns, 2008)
+ A Sad Tale from Skuddledump, short story (Tower of Light, Summer 2008)
+ Writer's Block, horrorku (Tales from the Moonlit Path, July 15, 2008)
+ Our Christening, scifaiku (Mindflights, Spring 2008)
+ Generation Gap, scifaiku (Aphelion, May 2008)
+ Au Naturale, scifaiku (Aphelion, April 2008)
+ Proposal, scifaiku (Aphelion, March 2008)
+ Pack a Day, literary short (Write Off, March 2008)
+ Golden Anniversary, microfiction (Write Off, Feb 2008)
+ Golden Anniversary, microfiction (Static Movement, April 2008)
+ The Eagle, fable (Static Movement, Feb 2008)
+ Tyler's Bed & Breakfast, short story (Flashing Swords, Feb 2008)
+ Scary Moments, short story (Bewildering Stories, Sept 8, 2008, Issue 305)
+ The Hunt Hunt, microfiction (Bewildering Stories,May 5, 2008, Issue 288)
+ The Daily Brew, microfiction (Bewildering Stories, Nov 12, 2007, Issue 267)
+ Show, Don't Tell, microfiction (Bewildering Stories, Oct 22, 2007, Issue 264)
+ Dear John, microfiction (Pen Pricks, Issue 3)
+ Grand Prix Auto, microfiction (Pen Pricks, Issue 3)
+ The Engagement Ring, microfiction (Pen Pricks, Feb 2008, PDF #53)
+ The Proposal, microfiction (Pen Pricks, Feb 2008, PDF #56)
+ I Won!, microfiction (Flashshot, Jan 21, 2008)
+ Good News, microfiction (Flashshot, Jan 9, 2008)
+ The Resignation, microfiction (Flashshot, Nov 29, 2007)
+ The Anniversary, short story, (Every Day Fiction, Jan 1, 2008)
+ Spam Fiction, short story (Every Day Fiction, Sept 17, 2007)
+ A Thousand Splendid Monkeys, flash fiction (Ray Gun Revival, Sept 2007, Issue 29 PDF)
+ Shock the Monkey, flash fiction (Ray Gun Revival, archived)
+ The Farm, microfiction (MicroHorror, September 2007)
+ The Audition, microfiction (MicroHorror, August 2007)
+ The Time Had Come, microfiction (MicroHorror, August 2007)
+ Show, Don't Tell, microfiction (MicroHorror, August 2007)

The following 5 stories are available as free downloads in your favorite e-reader format at Feedbooks:
+ Quick Gasps of Breath - 5 MicroHorrors
+ Space Monkey Pirates - 3 Flash Fictions
+ Spam Fiction
+ Even Superheroes!
+ Billy Farnsworth Zombie Hunter

Lyndon Perry is a middle school Language Arts teacher, husband, and father of two. He is the editor of Residential Aliens and Fear & Trembling Magazine, speculative fiction publications with a spiritual thread. Lyn writes a variety of speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, and horror.