Story Collections

At Long Last! 
Four collections of at least four stories each, available at last. 

Download the following ebooks from Amazon. Or read them for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited! Cover design by popular graphic artist and writer, Jason Gurley.

Last Gasp - Four Cozy Thrillers

This collection includes the following stories:

+ Audition With The Vampire - A movie director can't believe his latest auditions.

+ Show, Don't Tell - A writer struggles with a new genre...and her muse.

+ Captain Tyler's Ghost - A local legend takes on new meaning for a hotel owner.

+ Princess and the Zombie - A father/daughter hunting trip goes terribly...right!

Available from Amazon.

Last Laugh - Four Flights of Fancy

This collection includes the following stories:

+ Og's Greatest Invention - A Neanderthal's revolutionary concept debuts on the most popular game show in paleolithic history.

+ Monkey Business - Three Space Monkey Pirate tales featuring Captain Ed Drake and Mazaru, his sidekick space monkey pirate.

+ I Just About Died! - An Elf, an Ogre, and a Hollywood Party. What could go wrong?

+ Billy Farnsworth, Zombie Hunter - Where Z-Hunting is Fun!

+ Bonus: Four Funny Tasting Treats - Microfiction Morsels

Available from Amazon.

Last Chance - Four Timely Tales

This collection includes the following stories:

This is Not My Autobiography - With a daughter about to get married, it's not about the dad. Really. It isn't.

+ Texts from a Bluetooth Genie - What if your Blackberry could text you advice? What if you followed it?

+ Possibly His Last Exorcism - Before he dies, the Rev. Dr. Johann Strauss has a demon to face. And a bratwurst to eat.

One More Book Before I Die - Oliver Bettington, Sr. has a quirky reading habit...and a hunch.

Available from Amazon.

Last Cry - Four Fables of Sorrow

This collection includes the following stories:

+ A Sad Tale from Skuddledump - An spiritual suspense in the guise of a children's story about the ultimate disappointment.

+ The Sorrow of Raetheos - A prose poem of broken promises set in an epic and mythical land and time.

+ The Rabbit and the Eagle - A fable of sorrow and hope.

+ Running Late - Life disappoints. Then it disappoints some more.

+ Bonus: Pack a Day and Other Microfictions

Available from Amazon.