Monday, December 12, 2005

Search String Sillies

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For example, learninginhand (Resources for handheld computing in education by Tony Vincent) was researching articles on the use of handhelds in the classroom, found my sly headline and linked to it at Read All About It. Tony writes: One blog gives the article a humorous subtitle: "Gradeschoolers Learning on Handhelds: PDAs like handholding still forbidden." (Get it, huh, get it? PDA can have two meanings, right? Aw, forget it.) are some more silly search strings that by accident or on purpose snagged some lurkers. I wonder what they were really looking for? My best guess follows, along with what they found.

  • interview with an honest boss: Well, sure, anyone would want that. Well, on second thought, maybe not. Hallmark adheres to truth in advertizing!
  • dane bramage + michael harrison: What?! I know who Dane Bramage is. But who is Michael Harrison! Probably the guy trying to rip off our headline humor idea which Dane and I ripped off from Basil.
  • is christmas christian: Obviously a linguist is delving into esoteric word studies. Let's see if we can help the professor. Hmm, Christ is in Christmas. And, oh look, Christ is in Christian. Now that that's settled, let's settle the war.
  • funny .jpg: Ah yes. The ol' *.jpg trick. But in this case the lurker truly found an innocent pic. So why don't you provide a caption to this funny jpeg.

  • What are some of your silliest search strings?

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