Friday, June 09, 2006

Clones are Human Two

I had a chemistry set in my basement when I was young. Here are two experiments I didn't try.

Human Cloning: Start with a woman's egg (it has only 23 chromosomes in the nucleus). Remove the nucleus. Remove the nucleus from a donor cell (which has all 46 chromosomes). Take the nucleus from the donor cell and inject it into the empty woman's egg. Now the egg has 46 chromosomes. Stimulate to begin embryonic development. Bake at 98.6 degrees for 9 months.

Human Reproduction: The woman's egg has 23 chromosomes. The male sperm has 23 chromosomes. When fertilization takes place the new embryo has 46 chromosomes. Pre-heating the oven is not necessary.

Experiment Results: In both cases, the new embryo is fully human. Always.

The reason I never tried the first experiment in my basement with my chemistry set is because cloning violates human dignity, turning human beings into a "product" subject to our manipulation. That is why cloning is wrong.

The reason I never tried the second experiment was because at the time I thought girls were yucky. I've since changed my mind. About the opposite sex; not about cloning.

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