Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Headlines & Commentary

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Unsolicited Comments
Humoring Today's Headlines

Bush Rejects Solo Talks With North Korea
Kim Jong 'so low' you can't hear him. Or trust him.

Chinese to Prosecute Peasant Who Resisted One-Child Policy
Claim the reproduced have no reproductive rights.

Bush Asks Senate to Raise Science Spending
Bill Nye to finally get compensated

Spacewalking Astronauts Try ISS Repairs
Endorse supplement Satur8 Rush for serious spacewalkers

Discovery Crew Inspects Shuttle for Damage
May change name if they don't discover anything

Plot to Attack N.Y. Foiled
Islamofacists: Curses!

U.S. and Russia to Enter Civilian Nuclear Pact
Oh, I thought it said civil pact. My bad.
There's nothing civil about nuclear weapons.

Apparent Mexican Winner Attacks Border Wall
"El Idolo de Mexico" vs Taylor Hicks & Ford

Stem Cells Back in Political Spotlight
Under a microscope as well

Now It's Your Turn
Hearse driver fined for speeding
eg) Coudn't stop that coffin
or) Confused dead foot with lead foot
Best so Far...

Dane: Passenger still DOA
Beth: Family knew he'd be late to his own funeral
Joe: Brought to dead stop by police barricade

Last Week's Winners
Docs remove 119 nails from woman's stomach
1) Dane: Woman claims its a home remedy for iron deficiency.
2) Beth: Claims staples weren't strong enough to aid weight loss.

Friday Headliners 7/7/06:
Basil's Blog & Dane Bramage

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