Thursday, August 10, 2006

T13 - Classic Books Edition

Thirteen Classic Books...
...I never read as a youth (and still need to read!)

Here are the authors of 13 classic books I never read growing up. I still want to get to them though! Do you know the titles? (Some authors represent more than one book, of course, but I'd never read any of them, so I'm flexible when it comes to exact titles.) No googling! lol

Alphabetical Order by Author
1. L. Frank Baum
2. Emily Bronte
3. Stephen Crane
4. Alexandre Dumas
5. Fred Gipson
6. Harper Lee
7. Jack London
8. John Milton
9. Mary Shelley
10. Bram Stoker
11. Leo Tolstoy
12. Mark Twain
13. Jules Verne

Extra Credit: List your own (a few, not 13) missed classics that you still want to get to!

Answers... (I should link them to Amazon so you can buy them!) I have never read (but I intend to):
1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz nor any Oz books
2. Wuthering Heights nor any of her sister's books
3. The Red Badge of Courage
4. The Three Muskateers nor The Count of Monte Cristo
5. Old Yeller
6. To Kill a Mockingbird
7. The Call of the Wild nor White Fang
8. Paradise Lost nor Paradise Regained
9. Frankenstein
10. Dracula
11. Anna Karenina nor War And Peace
12. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn nor Tom Sawyer
13. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea nor Around the World in 80 Days

Oh well. I read the Cliff notes on some. lol

As an adult I've now read:
1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
5. Old Yeller
6. To Kill a Mockingbird
7. The Call of the Wild
8. Paradise Lost
9 Frankenstein

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