Thursday, May 24, 2007

T-13 Boring Edition

UPDATE 5/31 - I'm so boring that I'll keep my T-13 up for another week...

Thirteen Boring Things about me.

1. I've lived in 7 states.
2. I'm driving my 8th or 9th car.
3. I've had 6 cats as pets. I think.
4. I saw a tornado once. Sorta exciting.
5. I helped save a kid from drowning.
(Well, that wasn't boring at the time.)
6. I invented the internet.
7. I make things up.
8. I like to travel.
9. I like to travel a lot.
10. I'm running out of things to write.
11. I'll likely vote in the next election.
12. Used to play trumpet in HS.
13. But didn't make jazz band.

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