Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've Been (de)Classified

Checked out my referrers this morning and found a link from the Wonkosphere Directory where I discovered that Bloggin' Outloud has been classified as "Conservative."

Well, I don't have a problem with that. I probably am conservative. But I've never liked Bush, although I am not a Bush-hater. And I'm not like all those disgruntled Republicans who have given up on Bush . . . I didn't like him from the beginning. I think he's a moral leader (his stand on stem cell research and abortion are right on target) - I just think he's a weak leader.

Someone asked me if I'm a RINO - and I had to look that up. I guess I could be except I'm a registered Democrat. So that makes me more of a DINO, I suppose.

So you decide:
+ I like Bill O'Reilly for the most part but won't listen to Rush.
+ I support our troops but we should bring them home from Iraq.
+ I believe terrorists want to destroy America, so we should kill them first.
+ I think people who pursue homosexual relationships should be treated with respect, but not rewarded for it.
+ We better take care of our planet, it's the only one we got.
+ Abortion is the killing of babies and will one day be outlawed, like slavery was. And, like slavery, we'll wonder how we could ever have allowed it in the first place. Unless, of course, we go the opposite direction as a culture and start killing disabled babies, unwanted children, problem teens, handicapped adults, and nursing home geriatrics. Which could well happen.
+ Oh, and I believe Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

UPDATE: Like Mike Adams, I support Michael Vick.

So have you decided? Conservative or Liberal or Independent?

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  1. I agree with you on most all of those statements and consider myself a conservative. I was also once a registered Democrat (with conservative beliefs), but I am now in recovery. There's still hope for you. ;-)