Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Melody Carlson Blog Tour Day 2

Melody Carlson is the author of over ninety books for adults, children, and teens. Her latest two series each have a third book released in August.

The Notes from a Spinning Planet series follows the adventures of 19-year-old Maddie Chase as she travels around the world with her Aunt Sid, a reporter. Excitement and adventure abound as Maddie learns about the world, different cultures, and herself. In her latest trip to Mexico , Maddie is taken aback to encounter the poverty of the land—and of her own heart. The third book in the Notes from a Spinning Planet series invites young women to explore a love deeper than simple affection—and the beauty of true sacrifice.

The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor
series focuses on 16-year-old Samantha—a girl with a unique spiritual gift. Samantha receives visions from God that help save her friends and family from tragedy. In Playing with Fire Samantha’s brother Zach is just returned from a drug rehab clinic, but Samantha is having violent visions of him in imminent danger and back on drugs. If she goes to her mentor, a police detective, Zach could be in serious trouble with the law. But is this situation too hot for Samantha to handle?

I will feature a book review of her young adult novel, Notes From a Spinning Planet - Mexico, tomorrow.

Other blog tour participants include Beth at And Then I Woke Up... who is giving away two free books! Enter the drawing today.

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