Friday, November 16, 2007


Short Bursts of Spec Fiction

Speculative Fiction in 100 Words or Less

Introducing MicroSpec, a division of Residential Aliens, Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars. We're a new venue for micro-bursts of fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and supernatural fiction. Interested? Send your MicroSpec submission in the body of your email to lyn @ rightthinking . net and visit MicroSpec today.

  1. 100 words or less (firm rule).
  2. Fiction of a speculative nature.
  3. Up to three submissions at a time.
  4. Type "Submission MicroSpec" in subject line.
  5. Send your sub to lyn @ rightthinking . net
  6. Lyn reserves the right to accept or reject sub.
  7. Response - and publication - within a few days.
  8. No attachments - send story in body of email.
  9. No hate, porn, gore, or vulgar language.
  10. A no-pay market, you retain copyright.
  11. Reprints okay, if you own the copyright.
  12. Plagiarists will be ratted out and banned.
For samples from my micro-fiction collection, visit MicroSpec.

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