Wednesday, February 08, 2012

About Worm, My New Serial Novella

(wait for it, wait for it)

Regular readers know I'm writing a new series called Worm. Because the book's genre and story-telling style are such a departure from my normal whimsy of speculative short fiction, I'll be using a pen name. More on that later. But for now, here's a summary of the project. Thanks for your interest and comments welcome!


A failure at most everything, William Randall Monro, Worm to everyone who knows him, can't even stand up for himself. Bullied and abused since first grade, Worm is close to the breaking point. When his mom's latest boyfriend crosses a line, 17 year old Worm finally decides to take a stand. Because this time he's got nothing to lose.

Worm's larger story is told as a series of interrelated novellas (about 20k words each) and a short story prequel. At times stark and often jarring, this foray into the inner life of William Randall Monro adds a harsh, psychological layer to contemporary urban fiction as it grapples with being a victim and exacting revenge.

Look for these stories at Amazon this spring.
  • Moron - A Prequel Short Story 
  • Worm - Breakpoint 
  • Worm 2 - Point Blank 
  • Worm 3 - Blank Check 
  • Worm 4 - Checkpoint 

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