Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Reading Log

Looking back over my year in books, I see some trends that are pretty interesting. At least to me.

First, I read a lot more novellas this year than ever before. The ebook revolution has been great for shorter works of fiction. I’m finding they’re easier to get through given my hectic schedule and still satisfy my yen for a good story.

Here's a breakdown:
+ Fiction: About 25 novellas. About 20 novels. Over 30 short stories.
+ Nonfiction: 6 books, only one of which was Christian themed though.

Had years where I’ve read 40+ nonfiction, mostly Christian/leadership. Definitely want to increase my ratios to about 50/50 fiction/non-fiction in 2014. Not sure why. Seems more seemly somehow.

But here's the big shocker. Out of the 50 or so books I read this past year, only 13 of those were physical books (all my non-fiction reads were physical copies). What does this mean? Um, only that I read more on my Kindle this last year than paper.

Any predictions based on that? Well, I think I'm part of a growing trend that isn't finished growing. One reason I say that is that I'm an "early majority" type of buyer. Not an innovator, nor a very early adopter, but someone who hops on the bandwagon as the bandwagon begins to pick up speed. So if I'm any indication, I think a lot of us are reading more ebooks. Not a huge revelation, but for me, an interesting personal one.

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