Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Some SF/Space Opera Flash Fiction

I say I write speculative fiction - including SF, space opera, fantasy, horror, etc. Looking over the stories I've written during this #60DayChallenge, however, I realized I hadn't written any sci-fi yet during Oct/Nov.

So I sat down the other day and wrote a flash fiction piece (about 800 words) called "Long Haul Goodbye." I liked it so well, I wrote a follow up stand alone (about 1800 words) called "Forewarned, Forearmed." If you want to read them, let me know. I'm currently shopping them to some magazines.

These two stories are part of larger story arc that I haven't written yet - and one I think would be sort of cool to write as a series of episodes. It probabaly wouldn't work, but I envision 50 short 1,000 word stories that can stand alone but when read as chapters form an overall novel.

Probably be terrible.

But I may try it. The concept is typical space opera - a spaceship crew hauls stuff around the galaxy and experiences adventures. To me it sounds fun. And that's why I write.

I'm also one story away from finishing 30 stories in 60 days. Will share a bit about that when the time comes and what else I learned trying to write every day and finish various projects. But I can say this, like the picture above, it's been a blast. ;)

You can always check my progress at the current projects tab above. As always, thanks for reading!

(The image above, btw, is rocket-1374248_640 (c) succo at Pixabay Images.)