Wednesday, December 01, 2021

My Cat is Getting Old

Our 18 year old Charlie.
Charlie, my orange and white tabby, is 18 and he's winding down. 

Over the weekend he stopped eating for a bit, turned up his nose at every offering. I'd opened four different cans of catfood and he liked nary a one. Even snubbed tuna.

The outdoor strays that hang out in our backyard had a feast. We feed them dry food mostly, but with plates of rejected mushy piling up, they had a Thanksgiving to remember!

This not eating thing has happened before and we took him to the vet that time (just a few months ago). Did bloodwork and his thyroid numbers were high again. 

We've had him on thyroid pills for a while now, but he isn't crazy about them. And trying to stuff a pill down a cat's gullet isn't one of my (or Maria's) favorite things. (Like "whiskers on kittens.")

Last time this happened, the vet gave us some appetite stimulator. An ointment that you rub on the inside of a cat's ear. So I've been doing that.

We also ordered the thyroid medicine in ointment form. Expensive as heck, but beats the pill. I just have to put it on the opposite ear as the stimulator. Poor Charlie. 

Actually, he does pretty well with the morning/evening routine. He flicks his ears a few times, but otherwise he puts up with this nonsense with surprising equanimity. 

He's on the mend, by the way. Eating a bit more this week, but still not back to his normal two cans a day. At 60 cents a can! But heh, he's worth it. He may live a few more years, yet.

Though at his age, I'm not buying him any green bananas.

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