Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Stack the Shelves Tuesday

I think I'm supposed to "stack the shelves" on Saturday, but this is what I've got today, so here are the books I've just acquired - all e-books from WMG Publishing (will explain below).

Kris Rusch and her husband Dean Wesley Smith are both prolific writers, in all kinds of genres. They host writing workshops and blog about the business of writing and generally are a great resources for all levels of writers.

(Now fair warning, they are both very opinionated. So take the meat, spit out the gristle, if you know what I mean.)

At any rate, they have their own publishing house, WMG Publishing, and put together bargain bundles all the time. They also create Kickstarter events for launching new projects. They just finished one called "Crimes Collide." I backed the project at $30 which won me the 5-volume set of 100 mystery stories by Kris and Dean (so basically $6 an ebook).

But wait, there's more. Because the project met its fundraising goal, Kris and Dean offered incentives in the form of stretch goals. In other words, the higher the project's backing gets the more rewards everyone receives. And so that's where all the bonus e-books (shown above) came from.

I think I get some free writers workshops as well for backing the campaign. Pretty fun. If you haven't backed a project on Kickstarter, you should think about giving it a try. Some interesting ventures there.

What have you recently aquired? Any new books stacking your shelves? Comment below and let me know how you've obtained them. (The local DAV has paperbacks for 10 cents, so that is so tempting! I'll tell you about some past hauls in future posts!) Until then, happy reading!


  1. I am planning to go to McKay's and a Mega Thriftstore tomorrow, so hopefully will have a good haul for this weekend! :)

    1. Excellent! Are those local stores or chains? I've not heard of them. I think we have a Half-Price Books store and we do have a big used bookstore operation in our area, so we're not out of options! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to wait until Saturday, especially when we want to show off new books we've acquired. Hope you enjoy your new treasures https://allthebookblognamesaretaken.blogspot.com/2022/03/stacking-shelves-183.html

    1. I missed last week because I was sick, so I hope to do a First Line Friday and wrap up post today. Thanks for stopping by. Will visit your site next.


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