Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ripped from Today's Headlines

Witchcraft training gets tax break
Hogwarts bid for 501c3 approved

MANILA (Reuters)
Elusive mouse grounds Qatari airliner for 13 hours
Stuart Little indicted in illegal arms deal

MOSCOW (Reuters)
Russia's Putin sends in the plumbers
Old soviet spy equipment yanked from loo

LONDON (Reuters)
Did you say dogging or blogging? Brits confused
Are we a Democracy or Monarchy? Brits confused

'Dead women' elected as councilors
Other council members thought they were asleep

TEHRAN (Reuters)
Weaving the World's Largest Carpet
Iran vows to unravel the competition at the Persian Flying Rug Finals

NEW YORK (Reuters)
Horatio Nelson's Undershirt Set for Auction
Sotheby assures feminists it's not a wife-beater

WASHINGTON (Associated Press)
Bush: Gov't May Tap Petroleum Reserve
Vaseline Jelly stock soars to all time high

ATLANTA (Associated Press)
Scientists Conduct Wind Energy Projects
Researchers are testing a new musical fruit

MORGANTOWN, Ky (Associated Press) Offers to Put Name on Town
Debate dates uncertain, community doesn't know when to hold 'em

↔ Hat tip to Basil's Blog for the concept.

↔ My favorite link for headlines - Jay Leno

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