Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lyn Needs . . . a Meme

Hat tip to Jen who found this funny meme from Jared... 

Here's how it works: Type "[your first name] needs" (with quotes) into Google’s search engine and up pop the first ten results. Nearly all will be amusing. Then share the ones that truly apply. And voila, another meme is on the way. 

Here are mine: (But note that none of the "Lyns" are actually me.)
  • Lyn needs our prayers. (Well, this is certainly true.)
  • Lyn needs to take a long look in the mirror. (Especially when I shave.)
  • Lyn needs specialised psychosocial care. (Probably. But I'd spell it with a z.)
  • Lyn needs to qualify as a driver. (I already have. I'm licensed in KS.)
  • Lyn needs to hire a competent coach. (I've been thinking about a life coach.)
  • Lyn needs a new car. (Too true.)
  • Okay, you give it a try and report back to me the results. :-)

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    1. "Mark needs a chick"

      I've already got The Mega-Babe and I'm not Mormon, maybe they're confusing me with Mark D Roberts or Mark Olson again?

    2. Hey, you left out "Lyndon needs a second solo album." I've not heard your first solo album. Please send me a copy.

      Also, Lyndon needs a guitar crazy CD and some cool school days (you might ask your life coach about this).

      Peace! :-)

    3. Well when I put "Dane Needs" they were all about abused dogs needing a home. So I used "Kevin Neeeds" and got some good ones.Kevin Needs You
      Kevin Needs Your Money
      Kevin needs attention
      Kevin needs some lovin

      Then I discovered that D. Kevin Surbaugh at The Reverend’s Thoughts and another Kevin also had done this with pretty much the same results. But my all time favorite is

      Seshen, a Lycian Wicca priestess : King Kevin needs a virgin....

    4. What's wild is that Lyndon Needs is the guy's name! He's a musician and of course he'll come out with a 2nd album. If he'll send me his first, I'll forward it to you! :-) lgp

    5. ROFLMAO
      My name is Lyn and I was bored tonight, so for the heck of it, I typed into google "Lyn wants".
      I got "Lyn wants to sing Christmas Carols now"
      Then I typed in "Lyn needs" and this blog was the very first result on the page!
      How strange but true is that!