Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lyn Needs . . . a Meme

Hat tip to Jen who found this funny meme from Jared...

Here's how it works:
Type "[your first name] needs" (with quotes) into Google’s search engine and up pop the first ten results. Nearly all will be amusing. Then share the ones that truly apply. And voila, another meme is on the way.

Here are mine: (But note that none of the "Lyns" are actually me.)

  • Lyn needs our prayers. (Well, this is certainly true.)

  • Lyn needs to take a long look in the mirror. (Especially when I shave.)

  • Lyn needs specialised psychosocial care. (Probably. But I'd spell it with a z.)

  • Lyn needs to qualify as a driver. (I already have. I'm licensed in KS.)

  • Lyn needs to hire a competent coach. (I've been thinking about a life coach.)

  • Lyn needs a new car. (Too true.)

  • Okay, you give it a try and report back to me the results. :-)

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