Friday, November 04, 2005

Home For Sale - Includes Wife

You can get a lot for $600k. House in Denver. Desirable neighborhood. Wife. Yep, it used to be that mail order brides were all the rage, now it's ebay brides. Seriously.

My name is Deborah, and I was born in 1957 in Minnesota. I am 100% Norwegian by heritage. . . . I hope to find that special man, who wants to build a life with me and share this special home with me. Ideally that man is between 40 and 60 years old, is well educated and well spoken, and has a professional career. Since I am the daughter of a minister, spirituality is also important to me. (

Oh boy. Well, in this age of TV "reality" shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette where the total investment in a relationship is 15 minutes of fame, this approach might just turn out to be a good buy.

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  1. Hee! And I especially like that spirituality is important to her BECAUSE her dad is a minister. Very important indeed. So important, that she has decided to take the job of matchmaking out of God's hands and place it on Ebay. Sweet! Very sweet! *smirk*

    Although, I have to admit that I expected (based on your headline) for this to be an ad placed by a disgruntled soon-to-be ex-husband, which would have been worse, much worse. :-)


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