Thursday, July 19, 2007

T13 - I Did a Bad Bad Thing

Confessing 13 Bad Things I've Done

13. I stole a pencil from another student in 2nd grade.
12. While riding my bike in junior high, I ran a red light.
11. I've exceeded the speed limit a couple of times...or more.
10. Sometimes my memory falters when I want it to.
9. Didn't mean to, but I used a swear word from the pulpit.
8. I didn't lie about the outfit that made her butt look big.
7. I ran away to Australia my junior year in high school.
6. I've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
5. I talk during movies.
4. People who don't comment on my blog I say are scum.
3. We rappelled Fisher Dorm our freshman year in college.
2. I pulled an all-nighter once.
1. And finally, I got on a bunch of blogrolls to climb the ecosystem.

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