Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Morning Headlines

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Ripping Today's Headlines

Add your own caption to the final headline below. And then watch for the "Caption Contest Winner" later this week. It could be you! But first . . .

Last Week's Winner!
CBS Orders More Editions of 'Survivor'
Beth: New tribal challenge will involve beating dead equines

Ancient 'Godzilla' crocodile found in Argentina
Hiding from Gigan and Hedorahsince the early '70s

TOKYO (Reuters)
Japanese robot lost in space mission

Mechagodzillawas looking for Godzilla hiding in Argentina

Big Easy Fighting Epic Battle Against Mold

But I thought they enjoyed their sleazy reputation

Hollywood Unions Protest Product Placement
Bites hand that feeds it

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)
Paul McCartney Sings to Space Station Crew
Cosmonauts join in on 'Back in the USSR'

Now you try it. Give us your best caption.
NEW YORK (Reuters)
Time picks cloned dog as top invention
Your solicited comment here . . .

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