Monday, November 14, 2005

Welcome Home Soldier Update - Plus OTB Monday

Welcome Home Soldier jumped from it's debut at #67 in October to #21 on the November Powersource Christian Country Music Charts. Project Founder, Bill Stewart, writes: "During the first sixty days of our project we have given away more than 3,500 CDs of the song to our troops and veterans. We have completed the video for Welcome Home Soldier and expect to release it to GAC Country Music Television in the very near future."

For more information on why Bill is giving away this song "with a built in hug" read this. Now, on to Open Trackbacks. You know the routine. If you arrived here via a trackback link, please visit the following:
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  • A Bit More Serious: Prophet Pat Warns Dover, PA
  • For Theological Thinkers: Hell Hath No Fury? Annihilationism Considered
  • OTBs: Conservative Cat, Third World County

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