Friday, November 18, 2005

OTB & Op Ed Rebuttal

Okay, one more time. The Kansas School Board of Education is not "mandating the teaching of skepticism about evolution and forcing intelligent design into the statewide biology curriculum." Mr. Krauthammer, get it right. The KS BOE is allowing local school boards the option of whether or not they want to provide for the introduction of different theories regarding the origins of life. Krauthammer's Op Ed is full of foolish mistakes like this.

Phony Theory, False Conflict (
'Intelligent Design' Foolishly Pits Evolution Against Faith
By Charles Krauthammer, Friday, Nov 18, 2005
The school board thinks it is indicting evolution by branding it an "unguided process" with no "discernible direction or goal." This is as ridiculous as indicting Newtonian mechanics for positing an "unguided process" by which Earth is pulled around the sun every year without discernible purpose. What is chemistry if not an "unguided process" of molecular interactions without "purpose"? Or are we to teach children that God is behind every hydrogen atom in electrolysis?
My Reply: No, because you've mistated the premise. The adjective "unguided" is the very issue. It is an opinion, a guess, a conclusion based on a presupposition. Which is exactly what most evolutionists are starting with. A materialistic philosophy that, a priori, excludes God. Why can't we simply say that evolution is a process, like chemistry, like gravity. I'm not advocating replacing it with "guided" - let's just remove the baggage from our vocabulary. After all, and you did get this right, Newton and Einstein believed in God and they simply followed the facts to their conclusions.

Nov 19 UPDATE: David at Third World County has posted an important distinction between "Intelligent Design v Neodarwinism v Creationism" and hat tips Scott Adams of fame and science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle. For another point of view as well as a bit of rebuttal to Krauthammer, visit TMH's Bacon Bits. For an earlier piece, read March of the Evolutionists: ID 'Hijacks' Penguin Film. (Technorati Tag: .)

Okay, now that that is out of my system, on to OTBs. I've posted this rebuttal at the following parties: Third World County, Conservative Cat, Don Surber, MacStansbury, Stuck on Stupid, Blue State, Euphoricreality, Bacon Bits

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