Friday, November 11, 2005

OTB Theme: Rioting in Europe (Thurs, Nov 10, 2005)

Today's Open Trackback theme (see my OTB posting policy) is a continuation of the discussion regarding the recent violence that has spread from Paris to other cities in Europe. If you have a relevant link or comment, post it here.

Jan at Olive Tree Ministries has posted an intriguing perspective on the recent rioting across the pond titled, Is America Watching Europe? Although I don't agree with many of her prophetic slants, this is a bold commentary on the why this is a jihad or intifadah against western civilization and not just some spontaneous reaction of what the news is describing as the acting out of restless young people:
Do not buy into the story that these are "disillusioned youth." They have sophisticated bomb factories and there is evidence of heavy weapons. Call it what it is: A European jihad or an intifadeh being carried out by self-proclaimed terrorists who have a worldwide agenda. It isn't unemployment that causes the rioters to shout, "Allah Akbar" as they torch cars and buildings. They are seeking the establishment of Eurabia. They intend to conquer. In some places they chant, "This land belongs to us. This land belongs to Allah." (emphasis mine)
This seems an extreme interpretation, but quite possible. What do you think?

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