Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blog Awards - For the Rest of Us

Okay, so I'm a couple days late noting that the Weblog Awards have been posted. But I did want to acknowledge those whom I know link and frequent Bloggin' Outloud.

Congratulations to Basil's Blog (9th Best New Blog), Stop The ACLU (3rd Best Law Blog), Argghhh! (5th Best Mil Blog), Samantha Burns (4th Best Canadian Blog), Outside the Beltway (last of Top 250 Blogs), MacStansbury (9th in Top 501 to 1000), Diane's Stuff (5th in Top 2501 to 3500), Liberal Common Sense (6th in Top 3501 to 5000), Random Yak (6th in Top 5001 - 6750). (And I know there's other finalists who read Bloggin' Outloud, congrats to you as well.)

But Now, Here's One For The Best Posts of 2005.

The host, Mr. Snitch writes, "We're looking for you to tell us about the great posts you've seen this year. At year's end, we'll post links to the best posts we come across."

Would you do me a huge favor? If you think one of the following posts has merit, would you submit it as a link nomination to Mr. Snitch? Here are three to choose from (or find your own).

1) I Won the Lottery! (Personal Happening/Light Humor)
2) March of the Evolutionists (Cultural Commentary on ID, the Purpose of Film, and Penguins)
3) Kansas News, National Spotlight ~ Issue #4 (Local stories making a global impact. Humor.)

You can submit any link (not just mine) as a comment here. (The comments are moderated and will not appear until they post the final results.) Or, you can email your suggestions to: mistersnitch [at] hotmail [dot] com. Please put "top posts" in your subject line so they don't miss your submission. The deadline is December 30th, the carnival will be posted Jan 1, 2006.

Thanks! lgp

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  1. I liked this one of yours too.

    I've found the most fun part of Mister Snitch creating this is trying to decide which ones are the best. It's made me realize what an awesome group of bloggers I've read this year.



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