Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Headlines (& Open Posts)

This Weekend's Christmas Headlines

Unsolicited Comments
Captioning Today's Headlines

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JAKARTA (Reuters)
He knows if you've been bad or good
Claims claus in Patriot Act gives Santa permission to wiretap

In Britain, charity goats are the Christmas rage
Avoids French row over charity pork soup served to Muslims

OSLO (Reuters)
Where does Santa live?
Superhero wants eviction, invokes eminent domain to build Fortress of Solitude

UK (Telegraph)
Deaf girl hears Jingle Bells for the first time
Wonders if Bobtail is name of horse

LONDON (AP) ~ Last Week's Headline Winner: Me
Elton John to Tie the Knot With Partner
Promises to "build a big house where we both can live"

Now It's Your Turn
MIAMI (Reuters)
Christmas goodies arrive at orbiting space station
Dane: A nervous world anxiously considers the devasting impact of fruitcake lauched from orbit.

Headline Roundup So Far
  • Basil's Blog (I stole the Jingle Bells link from him)
  • Dane Bramage (Great one about misunderstood Santas on rampage in NZ)

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