Monday, December 19, 2005

Random Search Strings

Why do people surf to your blog?
Is it due to your profound content or witty commentary? Is it related to your status as a Large Mammal? Is it because Third World County links to you? No. It's chaos theory in action. Even though I am a LM, random search strings are the best thing that's happened to me. Brings traffic and it gives me a chance to sharpen my witty commentary. For instance . . .

I'm not a travel site. But the person looking for plane tickets to tombstone arizona from dayton ohio found my backblog (before I switched to blogger). Many of the search words are there, but spread over a couple different my tombstone jokes and the article on Billy Martin (the legless Dayton football player) and a funny story on how I won some lottery tickets. Next time though, stick with Orbitz.

I'm not a CSI site either. So if you're looking to solve the mystery of the "pitcairn, pa" murder I can't help ya. But I can reveal that two different headlines got confused. Yeah, the one about a murder attempt on a radish, and the pastor in Pitcairn who camped out on the church roof. Why did these things happen? You'll have to read the headlines yourself.

Now these searches make sense: anne rice jesus freak - because I did blog about this topic a couple of times. Of course bloggin will always find me unless you accidently add a g. However, I can't say I'm so well known that I can write about "My Life As a Blogger" (I knew they weren't looking for me, just some guy named Lyons from Forbes).

So is chaos theory the best bet when it comes to attracting readers to your blog? Yes. But getting a link from TWC comes in at a close second.

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