Monday, December 19, 2005

The KGB Carnival Premier (& Open Links)

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers (KGB) makes its debut carnival today. Since we're just getting off the ground, please visit the following sites and feel free to comment or trackback to your own interesting site ~ whether you're from KS or not! Enjoy!

  • Steven Davis, the Kansas Info Quartermaster, submits the very first post titled, "Tiahrt's Fix for the Health-Care Crisis." I don't think the Quartermaster believes that replacing the federal income tax with a "consumption tax" a viable fix. But read it for yourself - he links to Tiahrt's home page which explains our Congressman's position.

  • Okay, so that first one was the only voluntary submission. The rest of these I gleaned from my Kansas blogroll (disclaimer on opinions expressed, yada yada). Hope they don't mind . . .

  • Josh, who hosts Thoughts from Kansas, posts an entry "In which I copy-edit the New York Times." He states that when President Bush ordered "domestic spying" it was an illegal act and that "The Peeping Tom in Chief" should be prosecuted.
  • Ching at Almost Famous points us to the largest snowglobe she has ever seen.
  • At Pat's blog, Red State Rabble, he urges Kansas to get "Back to the Future" and leave Intelligent Design behind - like in the textbooks of the 19th century.
  • The KS Cowboy shares My Thoughts on the perfect (and provocative) Christmas present for his wife in, "The Warden's Christmas Present."
  • Shea is A California Girl in Kansas and in this post catches us up on her life and her overindulgence at the company Christmas party (due to the free wine at the Wichita Country Club).
  • Kelly in Kansas woke up to "a little bit of snow" and highlights the end of the year activities for college professors, especially the enduring task of grading papers and exams.
  • Nate (Smells Like Nate) found a great online quiz: What's Your High School Stereotype? Funny, unless you're the loner!
  • Well, that's about it for now. Except my entry. Read it. But only if you're interested in the VIPER. And join the carnival next week.

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