Monday, December 26, 2005

Too Much Public Information

Yikes! Is your driver's license posted on the web? Visit the Driver's License Search database to find out.
Under the Motor Vehicle Operator License Identification Act (MOLIA - enacted on July 9, 2005), all US states are required to digitally store a copy of every valid driver's license. License data must be made retrievable by The National Motor Vehicle License Bureau in order to form a consolidated and centralized database of U.S. driver's licenses. On August 3rd, 2005 Congress enacted an amendment to the Freedom of Information Act, providing public access to motor vehicle driver's information in an electronic format.
Check it out and then write your congressperson to get this reversed!

Hat Tip: Dave's Not Here - Goodbye Privacy!


  1. Boy, am I gullible. LOL. YES, I actually put my info. in thinking that someone set up some site with some info. they somehow got their hands on.

  2. Darn you Lyn Perry! Darn your eyes to Heck! You got me good! Of course my immediate reaction was "Why is John Kerry's picture on my drivers license?" There is a similar one that I got the gang at GOPUSA with. It was a "nationwide effort to digitally store all high school year book pictures". The results were the same.

    But you got me and now you should be very careful because I am going to get you back. When you least expect it I will get you. Somehow. Someday. (We'll find a new way of living,
    We'll find a way of forgiving....)

  3. LOL! You got me too. But glad to see they got my weight problem fixed. Of course, I'm only 48 inches tall which accounts for some of the weight loss. I do look pretty good as a baboon/babboon/sp? though, if I must say so myself. :-)


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