Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogs of the People & Monday Open Post

I couldn't agree more. Blogs are by and for the people... Mr. Snitch (who will soon post the Best Posts of 2005) writes:
Some bloggers have decided you don't have to be a Wizbang or have tons of traffic to host a Weblog Awards. And you don't need permission, either. Integral Practice has posted theirs. So has Vincent Horn. And Bloggin' Outloud is looking for your help in choosing theirs. Anyone looking to be of service to other 'small' bloggers could start with Lyn Perry's 'Outloud' site.
Thanks for the plug, Snitch. And wish you well on your project of actually publishing in book form your roundup. Now on to Monday's Open Posts ... by and for the people.

(via PayPal.Me - an e-book from Tule Fog Press.) 
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