Saturday, January 28, 2006

The "Best So Far" Blog Awards

~ Blog Awards ~

The Voting Booth is Now Open (via email)

Polls Close Saturday, February 4, 10 p.m. (CST)

Note: All correspondence via email to

For a complete explanation on how to vote for your favorite nominees, visit this permalink.

FYI: Here's what went before, including all the convoluted rules and changes.

Starting January 28th, I announced...
The Best So Far, Blog Awards, January 2006

Super Short Timetable
1. Nominations via email being accepted through Wed, February 1st close tonight, Jan 31, at 10 p.m. (CST)
2. Voting via email will take place February 1st through February 5 4th, 10 p.m. (CST). (Look for instructions late tonight, once I figure that part of the contest out ;-)
3. Winners announced (and all links posted) Sunday, February 5th.

Only 5 6 Categories
1. January's Best Pet Blogs
2. January's Best Political Blogs
3. January's Best LinkFest Blogs
4. January's Best Religious Blogs
5. January's Best Humor Blogs
6. January's Best Personal Blogs (Thanks to Peakah & Barbie)

3 Simple Rules
1. Send an email to with up to 5 3 nominations in each category (you may nominate yourself or others in more than one applicable category).
2. Post this announcement and/or link to this entry ( permalink ) on your blog and spread the word quickly (remember, nominations close Wed, Feb 1st).
3. Finalists All Nominees will be notified on by Wed, Feb 1st and listed here [added:] as soon as I can post them. You can then solicit votes at your own blog and have fans vote for their favorite blog in each category via email at by Sun, Feb 5th.

Additional Thoughts
1. All nominations will receive link recognition.
2. Winners will get special recognition (I just haven't thought of it yet).
3. Probable Definite mid-stream adjustments. (see new category)
Comments and suggestions welcome. Yikes, no more categories!

BTW, Anyone can use this banner:

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