Saturday, January 07, 2006

BuzzIndex: Wilmer Valderrama

This is not a post about Wilmer Valderrama. I've never heard of him. But a quick mouseclick reveals that his ex-girlfriend is Lindsay Lohan, he's a TV actor, and has been in a few movies. (In fact, I guess he's got a small part in a new film called The Darwin Awards, which might be pretty funny.)
Plot Outline: A forensic detective (Fiennes) and an insurance claims investigator (Ryder) trek to investigate a potential Darwin Award winner. From "The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways."
Okay, so what is this post about? Nothing. I'm just checking out Yahoo's BuzzIndex and wondering what would happen if I blog about popular celebrities about whom I know next to nothing. Isn't that exciting?

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