Monday, January 16, 2006

Kansas News & KGB Roundup #4

This is now the 4th issue of Kansas News & KGB Roundup (Kansas Guild of Bloggers). The purpose is to highlight noteworthy state and local news and blogs. If you're a KS blogger, feel free to submit a link to this weekly event via Blog Carnival or Ferdy's Carnival Submit Form. Also, if you want to host an upcoming KS News & KGB Roundup, let me know. Thanks!

First, the Headlines

  • 'Meanest City' Designations: According to The National Coalition for the Homeless, Lawrence, KS is the second meanest city in the U.S. behind Sarasota, FL. I knew the Jayhawks were upset by the Wildcats, but I didn't think they were particularly nasty about it.

  • Bill will target Phelps' protests: Now having this Kansas family base their operation of hate here (I won't dignify it with a hotlink, but for reference: www . godhatesfags . com) we might well be voted the meanest state!

  • Pot users could catch a break in Lawrence ~ This just might make Lawrence the happiest city in the U.S. No, it doesn't legalize marijuana. So don't start moving to KS just yet. We're mean, remember?

  • We have dumb criminals too: During some small talk before the robbery, the dumb criminal told the future victim that he was staying at room 126 down the road. Smart.

  • Now, the Blog Posts (Submit your links to the carnival!)

  • Josh remembers King.
  • John continues the 25 lessons.
  • Ching has an after dinner cuddle.
  • Kelly speaks of the web of lies.
  • KS Cowboy lives life in the express lane.
  • Shea has a contest at her other blog.
  • Nate watched his first anime.

  • Okay, that's a wrap. Who wants to host next week?

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