Thursday, January 12, 2006

Life, Liberty, Property Roundup

Featuring This Week's Hot Topic:
The Alito Confirmation Hearings

  • Should Alito Run from Roe?

  • Senate Confirmation Hearings Smackdown

  • If Alito Fails

  • Some confirmation "moments"

  • Alito plays politician

  • Roe v. Wade v. Alito?

  • Feinstein to Alito: “Go after Bush’s power, NOT MINE”

  • When All Else Fails

  • The reviews are in, and they’re not very flattering

  • Abramoff, DeLay, And Alito

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    (P.S. If you're wondering about my blogcast schedule (top banner), I've combined today's column with yesterday's roundup. Clever, eh? Especially when short on time :-)

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