Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Midweek Headliners

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Captioning Today's Headlines

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Monday's Winner
Stern says he'll avoid 'foul language'
Rodney: FCC withdraws stern warning
(It's no fair, really. Rodney is a professional :-)

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters)
When good things happen to good cows
They don't come back as gnats

FRESNO, Calif. (AP)
Calif. School Sued Over Evolution Class
Parents what to make ch-ch-ch-changes

One-Eyed Cat Had Medical Condition
Yeah, it only had one eye...

Mideast Barbie dolls don Islamic veil
Ayatollah Kenmeini doll also popular
Levi Unveils iPod-Ready Jeans
Is that an iPod in your jeans, or are you just glad . . .

School vandal photocopies face for cops
It could have been worse, you know teens and photocopy machines

Now It's Your Turn
TOKYO (Hollywood Reporter)
Naked News breaking in Japan market
(I can't resist): Bare Naked Ladies trade music for broadcasting
(or this one): This just in - Anchors have nothing to hide
(ok, you're turn): Your Relatively Clean Comment Here!

Humor Bonus: (HT Publius Rendezvous)
Research France's pristine military record.
(1) Go to Google
(2) Type the words: french military victories
(3) Click: I’m Feeling Lucky

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