Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dear Crabby Column (1.11.06)

Dear Crabby*

Did you hear that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting a baby? Isn't that exciting? Also, what do you think of the Lindsay Lohan vs Vanity Fair flap?
Signed, Interested in Hollywood Life

Dear Get a Life,

Look. If a stranger's baby and another stranger's bulimia are the most exciting things in your life, then you've got some major issues. Number one, get a real life. Quit living vicariously through others. Who gives a rip if Nick & Jessica broke up? Why do you care if Britney Spears tops the 'worst dressed' list? Is your life so banal and meaningless that you have to manufacture an excuse for not taking control of your own life?

Number two. Here's the deal. Will Will & Grace put food on your table? No. Celebrities make money off of you, not the other way around. The only benefit - and it's limited at that - you receive from them is a bit of amusement. And the word amuse means to "not think." So if you want to go through life not thinking, then have at it. Follow Hollywood. But if you're going to become rich and famous in your own right, then quit sitting on your butt at night watching television and go start acting in your own production called Your Life!

Signed, Crabby

(* To dull disillusioned dadgum crybabies anyone who shoots straight, cuts the crap, and tells it like it is sounds crabby.)

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UPDATE: 7 PM - And then I woke up . . . has a great take on what we can learn from celebrities. Even if it means doing the opposite! Glad this post sparked some response.

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