Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Quick Anti-PC Roundup

Anti-PC LeagueFirst, a quick rant.

Why is it that when Kansans (note: insert your own locale here) argue against a position that the sophisticates hold, they are ignorant dupes? Why is it that a person can't have a well-grounded belief in something without being painted a fool by those who are wise? Why is it?

Now, a quick roundup.

  • Designer Notes notes that democrats might not know what to do with Lynn Swann when he runs for the governorship of Pennsylvania . . . as a republican.
    (Source: Lynn Swann Says He'll Run for Pa. Governor)

  • PC Watch watches as a student group is denied official recognition at Cal State - San Bernardino because they would exclude non-believers from joining.
    (Source: California Tells Christian Club it Must Admit Non-Christians and Homosexuals)

  • A Deeper Look looks at America’s Most Bizarre and Politically Correct College Courses, noting that Princeton's class on Cross Dressing ranks as one of the most bizarre.
    (Source: The Dirty Dozen)

  • At A Lady's Ruminations, Lady Jane ruminates on the phrase that former Tory leader William Hague called the French: "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys."
    (Source: News.Telegraph)
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