Monday, January 09, 2006

Unsolicited Comments
Captioning Today's Headlines

You Can Become a Headline Winner! Just enter this weekend's caption contest by commenting on the last headline below.

BERLIN (Reuters)
Cuba paid Oswald to kill Kennedy, new film says
Conspiracy theories sell, new study finds

LONDON (Reuters)
The blind feeding the blind
New restaurant leaves patrons in the dark (true story!)

Is God dead in Europe?
No, but Nietzsche is. Too bad its too late for him. (Thanks Rodney!)

LONDON (Reuters)
Pets losing battle of the bulge?
TubbyTabby blames Bush

Sen. Kennedy to Publish Children's Book
First Title: Can you spell Chappaquiddick?

Dow Crosses 11,000 for 1st Time Since 2001
Fish flounder; chicken feathers down; but beef steers into a bull market.

Democrats Vow Tough Questioning of Alito
Reality: Democrats Will Question Tough Alito

Now It's Your Turn
Stern says he'll avoid 'foul language'
Your Clean Comment Here - Go Ahead, Give It A Try!

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