Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best So Far ~ Alternative Categories

~ Blog Awards ~

Bonus Poll ~ January's Best Alternative Categories
Please actually visit each blog before voting.
Links will open new windows for your convenience.
Oops, doesn't apply here.
Note: Polls close Midnight, Feb 3rd. Winners on the 5th.

What Alternative Catagories Would You Suggest For Inclusion Next Time?

  • Coffee Blogs? Third World County wants to know why Coffee Blogs were excluded!
  • Vanity Blogs? Ferdy nominated himself 5 times in all 5 categories. When Bruce the Human Pet questioned him about the religious angle, he said his ancestors were worshipped in Egypt.
  • Nobody Reads My Blog? GunnNutt: There must be a bug in the NeoComment generator. I was supposed to be nominated for "Best Blog in the Whole Universe that Nobody Reads".
  • Homeschool/Education Blogs? Ask XBIP about the best Homeschool & Education Blogs since I didnt include these categories this time.
  • Jack Bauer Blogs? Via Email: Blogs 4 Bauer ... Since you don't have a "Best Jack Bauer Blog". (Note: I have no idea who Jack Bauer is. lgp)
  • Alternative Blogs? AJ suggested "Strange Ideas/Conspiracy/Farout Thinking" - which describes Lothl√≥rien Path!
  • MilBlogs? Via Email: "Maybe add a MILITARY CATEGORY?!??!?!" ~ Yep, I missed Milblogs! Should I add them next time?
  • Shrink Blogs? Via email: I'd like to nominate Sigmund, Carl and Alfred as the best "Shrink Blog" if there's still time. (Note: There's always time. lgp)
  • Make Up Your Own Category. Suggestions welcome.

  • So 2 Questions: 1) Should I do this again next quarter? and 2) What alternative categories should I include in the next addition of "Best So Far"?

    UPDATES: 2.2.06 almost midnight. See you in the morning.
    1. Via email: 2 people like the "Nobody Reads My Blog" Award for blogs with less than 100 daily hits.
    2. A super fanatic wants Ferdy to win in all 5 Categories.
    3. Question: "How about a Best Gunblog (Shooting sports) category? I would, of course, humbly vote all three of my votes for Mr. Completely!" (BTW, he gets another vote!)
    4. Via email: Jack Bauer gets a nod. (I had to be directed to this wikipedia entry.)
    5. Milblogs get a shot at a category for next time (2 3 votes).
    5.5 Milblogs are getting antsy. They want to know when it's their turn!
    6. Coffee blogs are brewing a take-over.
    7. Someone wants "Blogs With Made-up Comments" (not sure what this means).
    8. Someone (read Yak) wants a category for "Shaggy Bad-Tempered Quadrupeds."

    Rules on How to Vote in This Category
    1. You have an opinion (or more!) to share about these awards.
    2. You may share your opinion in the comment section or by sending
    an email to with your votes.
    or use

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    1. Yes you should add MillBlogs next time!

      And Blue Star Blogs! Blogs by the families of our military...Such as:

      That's a good one!



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