Sunday, February 05, 2006

Best So Far ~ Religious Blogs

~ Blog Awards ~

Category 4 ~ January's Best Religious Blogs
Be sure to visit and congratulate all the winners!

Novel Journey (20)
Wind Scraps (19)
Adam's Blog (14)

Heather's Roller Coaster Life (12)
Faith and Theology (10)
Less People Less Idiots (8)

Bible Study Blog
Blog and Mablog
Cross Blogging
Evangelical Outpost
Even the Devils Believe
Faith or Fiction?
Fritz's Thoughts
Fwd: Thoughts
Happy at Home
Hidden Haven Homestead the outer...
It's a Dog's Life
Roman Catholic Blog
Spending Time With God
Your Pastoral Coach

(Thank you voters. Thank you bloggers. Participants: Feel free to use the appropriate banner to announce your final standing on your blog. Link to this post appreciated. See you next time - with new categories - at The Best So Far Awards!)


  1. thanks, i guess i did not do too bad for being a weak nominee for "religious bog", plus doing zero prmotion. no offense to outloud, i do not have even the time to twist arms for votes.

  2. Thanks Billy Bob. No offense taken. I apologize that I didn't notify you that you were nominated. The last day of nominations I got like 50 emails and was just trying to keep my head above water. So a lot of worthy blogs didn't get to advertize! And I know that's not a lot of blogger's style. My main goal in all this was to find new blogs and make new friends (plus increase my link score! :-) lol
    Well, have a great day and thanks for participating. Lyn


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