Sunday, February 05, 2006

Best So Far ~ Linkfest Blogs

~ Blog Awards ~

Category 3 ~ January's Best LinkFest Blogs
Be sure to visit and congratulate all the winners!

Killired (118)
Conservative Cat (43)
Basil's Blog (23)

Stop The ACLU (22)
Peakah's Provocations (15)
NIF (11)

Dane Bramage
Don Surber
Education Wonks
Illinois Bloggers
Jo's Cafe
Linkfest Haven
Publius Rendezvous
Right Wing Nation
TMH's Bacon Bits

(Thank you voters. Thank you bloggers. Participants: Feel free to use the appropriate banner to announce your final standing on your blog. Link to this post appreciated. See you next time - with new categories - at The Best So Far Awards!)


  1. Killired just started her blog recently. She has the secret to blog success!

  2. Well While I did not win this time, it was truly an honor just to be nominated.

    I never thought of myself as a linkfest blog so I know how Jethro Tull feels about being nominated for a heavy metal grammy. Of course Jethro Tull won their award so my analogy falls apart at that point. But you know what I mean. I hope.


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