Sunday, February 19, 2006

Carnival of the Cats ~ Century Edition

Bienvenidos al 100th Carnival de los Gatos!

Finally Open! We had over 50 submissions. Enjoy all the links along with some Feline Facts and early Carnival Flashbacks.

UPDATE 2/21: Forgot Caturday's Fergus and the Feline Olympics, the High Climb. At least we didn't see a bad fall like all those skaters in Torino!

P.S. The next Carnival of the Cats (#101) is Sunday at animal family. Submit your cat blogging links to Ferdy soon.

KT Cat fresh from The Scratching Post shares an amusing consequence to a thieving feline's antics in Rain of Terror.

Don't Mess With Taxes has a (non-vulgar) post on Dog Balls (and why she really is a cat lover).

Matata is no fool. She's found a place to stay warm at Blog d'Ellison and says, "Heat me." She's also fond of checking her eyelids for pinholes.

Pasha presents a beautful pose at Just Bewteen Strangers in her weekly kitten blogging photo shoot. But then there's this.

Bonnie Underfoot loves her boy! (You can't blame a cat for snuggling underwear.)

Harley of Curiouser and Curiouser believes in the power of duplication (or at least the warmth that the power provides).

Feline Fact #1 ~
  • Question: How old was the oldest cat?
  • Spike, the world's oldest cat died July, 2001 in England at 31 years of age.
  • Or was it Granpa, who died on April 1, 1998, at 34 years, 2 months (beating the previous record of 34 years, 1 day set in 1957 by a tabby from England).
  • Or was it Puss, from England, who died in 1939 just one day after her 36th birthday.
  • Next Question: Why are all the oldest cats in England?!

  • The Secret Life of Shoes tells us How to Pill a Cat (don't try this at home).

    Nicky at Melange is one lazy cat! But he never begs. And Mr Rhett is one American Idle as well (pic to the left).

    Pookie Cat at Baboon Pirates doesn't get a lot of blogging in due to her many moments of kitty zen.

    Cleo is feeling a draft at This Girl Remembers. Or maybe it's playing lump-under-the-covers.

    Flashback to Carnival #10: Sisu presents Psy-Ops ~ The way our cats play with our minds during the countdown to supper.

    Mister Gato at enrevanche has been doing some mountaineering lately. And has taken on a new role as administrator of the Gato Institute.

    The Conservative Cat's Ferdy is taking care of absent friends. Well, the bed at least.

    Jinx & Ping took top honors in synchronized sleeping at Manx Mnews Catapalooza.

    Alex does laps at Texas Oasis. And it's not about lap dancing either. More like lap lounging.

    Feline Fact #2: Cats as pets date back at least 9,500 years.

    How to Wash the Cat (Note: this was snuck into the carnival by a dog from i-pets!)

    Average Life has two great pics of two separate cats at two different times and complains, 'There's a hairball in my sink!'

    Allan Thinks that Tonks is aloof, unconcerned, insouciant.

    7610 caught Blur with a bottle of wine. Cheers!

    Catymology shares a catted tale in which the definition of catted is expained.

    The Peach Pit has kitty in the bag and so deserves this highlighted pic (to the right).

    Feline Fact #3: Ailurophiles are lovers of cats.
  • For more feline features, read:
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  • The kitty at Scribblings wonders if food for thought tastes good. Bleh. No.

    CB Blog finally moved 'my bed to my favorite sleeping spot' under the computer desk.

    Catnabbit is talking up the strange Puppykat, a new cat breed that barks like a dog. No kidding. Meoruff!

    When Leslie's Omnibus cat blogs, we're talking major cats!

    CoCoPuff travels a well-worn trail over at composite drawlings.

    Flashback to Carnival #9: Mind of Mog caught Bazel looking adorable.

    The Common Room has a Caption Contest. I like: 'Step away from the catnip!'

    Far Cartouche catches Sabaki and Tinker waiting for the ump-twiddly-teenth Friday Ark. But Tinker actually sleeps sometimes. See it to believe it at Middle-Fork.

    CathColl has a nice problem; they are a three-cat house now. Adoption is wonderful.

    Can't find Carnival # 8 & 7, so let's Flashback to Carnival #6: Feste...a foolsblog has Zoe cross-posing for CotC and The Waterglass.

    'Come closer puppy.' Killer Carlos on the rampage at Maggies.

    Coyote Mercury is thinking perhaps something in marble on the National Mall (see statue pose to the left).

    Catblogging Break: Take the Feline Fact Quiz.

    Dang Dog - great artwork by bigcatheads

    Gigolokitty concludes the story of Snowy White and the Seven Stalkers.

    Sasha will tilt for interesting sites at Music and Cats, which also has some beautiful old valentine cat cards to share.

    Flashback to Carnival #5: Graylynn & Dexter of Colorado Conservative tell us and show us all about Kitty Yoga.

    Daily Dose has the 1 month weigh-in ~ Ralph is down to 17 lbs. Good news. 4 to go.

    Sisu's Babe is off the deep end; and also has a bad turban day.

    Feline diabetes...not a happy thought. But Mycah at TacJammer is simply a sweet cat.

    Sebastian at furry paws has a favorite mouse. Who doesn't?

    Feline Fact #4: Did you know there are over 40 Cat Breeds? I thought there were only two: indoor and outdoor.

    LadyGunn says Syd believes that sink = comfy bed. Here's the pic to prove it (to the right).

    Flashback to Carnival #4: She Who Will Be Obeyed has some Kitty Zen archives worth reviewing.

    Farmgirl Fare thought her plants would be safe indoors?!

    Mind of Mog discovers how Meowza gets dirty. And how orangeboy thinks about himself (answer: handsome devil).

    Sleeping Mommy catches the Boys, Willie and Mickey, overseeing the domain. When they sit around the house . . .

    Eli at Val's Bien was brave enough on Snow Day (but didn't like it).

    Boo & Spike at Watermark suggest you stay indoors and visit catblogs.

    Flashback to Carnival #3: You remember Morris the Cat? He ran for president, according to the American Mind.

    Slowly She Turned has a real post titled 'I love Lucy' (not just cute pics!)

    Piper of View from the Tower asks, Ain't I prettier than the computer? Answer: Yes.

    Striving for Average has some lazy days for us. Oh, that all days were that lazy.

    Elms in the Yard shares some cat adventures both at home and away.

    Can't forget the Pet Humor. has a great roundup as well, not of humor, but great cat blog posts.

    Flashback to Carnival #2: Mind of Mog shares an Obligatory Kitten Pic.

    It's been cold in paradise! Seabrook has cat pics to prove it.

    Tigger and Blackjack like grapes. Yes, grapes - in the wee hours before lunchtime - at Life, Florida, Whatever.

    Great shot from pages turned with Ellie in the box. Now to get her out! (pic to left)

    EGO must check if there is sugar in the cat food.

    A Shareware Life has a simply catblogging pic. Classic.

    And finally, the guy who started it all, TBIFOC has a couple of cat cam shots comparing the orange boys. Who wins? You decide.

    Flasback to Carnival #1: Garden Spot is Cavorting in the Catnip.

    So, did we get them all? I know I still need to trackback everyone. But until then, Happy 100th! Whew! Oh, and give me a caption as well. Thanks.


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