Saturday, February 25, 2006

What I Meant Was . . .

See, you misunderstood. You thought I said it was time for an hiatus. What I meant was it's time for some "high 80s" - as in music . . . we gotta get back to the era of great music! Or maybe I meant warmer weather. Or something.

What?! You don't buy it? Which one - that I won't take an hiatus or that I'm trying to back peddle? Well, you're wrong on both counts :-)

I simply must take a break from blogging and here's what I mean. The best part of blogging is the active reading, commenting, posting, linking, et al, with other bloggers. The community part. This, to me, is at the heart of great blogging. Connecting and being connected. (Sounds a bit sentimental; and it is!)

Alas, for this to be effective and fulfilling it requires a huge time commitment. As TWC blegged recently - it would be great if everyone would write garbage this week so he wouldn't have to read it . . . because he's so busy! Get it? There are too many good posts and blogs on my blogroll to keep up with.

Posting stuff is the easy part. A meme here. A quiz dealy there. Caption contests, headline humor, open posts and jokes of the day. Mickey Mouse. Even taking time to write a bit of content like The Daily Brew isn't a huge commitment. It's simple.

It's also selfish. I can do this without a community. I can post without connecting. And to be honest, this is probably what I'll end up doing over the next six months. As a result, I'll have to let some blogging relationships slide. And my hits will go down :-( Sure, I'll have a reader or two who pops in, smiles, maybe comments, eats, shoots, and leaves.

But that's not what blogging is about, in my opinion. What I'm giving up (taking an hiatus from) is active blogging. I'm taking a break from the community. And for selfish reasons which I won't go into right now (I've never felt comfortable turning this into a live journal thing).

Just know that I'm apologizing ahead of time to those who might care about such things. Like I said initially: I've had a blast. I just can't keep up. Thanks for reading. lgp

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