Friday, June 02, 2006

LOST Experience - More Links and Updates

Quick plug to plug the LOST Experience - a summer "alternative reality" game to play between the second and third season of the hit show LOST on ABC. (Listen also to the podcasts.)

First, here's my introduction and roundup of sites, blogs, and resources to get you off to a good start. (BTW, thank you UK Al at Inside the Hatch for your kind words.) Another summary that recaps the story and clues discovered during May can be found on

Second, a couple of good fan sites include LOST-TV and The LOST Notebook. You'll also want to bookmark an Evangeline Lilly fan site... Am I revealing too much about myself here? Update: Hat tip to Killired for pointing me to another blog, Lost and Gone Forever.

And finally, at least three more clues. One via Persephone's mousehole: A picture found at Hole 3. Check out an earlier pic at Hole 2. But who are they? Second, DJ Dan has another podcast up. And third, the press release at the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program on the Hanso Foundation site leads us to a "miracle." (password: Heavy Water) Enjoy!


  1. damnit! i came by to see if you were back to blogging, got sidetracked by an email and was repsonding when all of a sudden your bell went off and scared the crap outta me!!!!!! so i see you're back????? have to check out what all this lost stuff is about. i love lost and want to rewatch the finale to see what i missed!

  2. forgot to tell ya, i like the new layout too!

  3. Almost makes me wanna be a Lost fan...I see you've found a new addiction. ;-)

    I like the new template/layout's easier on the eyes...and I think you win the prize for the longest blogroll!


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