Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Headlines - Late Edition

Unsolicited Comments
Humoring Today's Headlines

Obama's Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice
Could replace Lincoln's profile on penny

Along Part of the Border, A Zero-Tolerance Zone
Spanglish out, low riders and zoot suits still okay

In Iraq, a Father's Duties Weigh Heavily
Doh, women aren't allowed to do anything there

Was the Britney-To-Namibia Story a Hoax?
Who the heck cares?

Be Prepared For ID Theft
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em:
Backup identities hot item on black market

Now It's Your Turn:
Piglet keeps Pooh off air
Will post the best of your witty comments here...

Want to discuss this headline? Woman Honor Thyself has summarized quite nicely the latest flap over Piglet. Turkish press reports:
Turkey's public television, TRT, controlled by the Islamist-rooted government, has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon Winnie the Pooh from the air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes.
Here's my thought: Although we laugh at the absurdity of it, it should be noted that we also boycott arbitrarily (viz. Southern Baptist's 8 year anti-Disney stand). If we were to be consistent with our indignations, we'd have to withdraw our tacit support (read active consumerism) from every major brand and industry. I have no easy answer. Only that, since it is impossible to return to the Garden, we must plow forward the best we can.

9 PM UPDATE: Turkish TV denies piglet ban (Dang, good rumors are hard to find!)

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