Monday, June 12, 2006

Sympathy for the Devil

The following thoughts are not fully developed, but I think they are worth exploring. Give me some feedback. Thanks, lgp.

It seems that apathy regarding, if not sympathy for, terror is on the rise. I assume no one is advocating we "vote for your local terrorist" - it's more subtle than that. I sense a pervasive and pernicious shift in our national ethos. And this plays directly into the hands of our enemies. It can only bode ill for our future.

Our public discourse gives evidence of this shift: "They (Al Qaeda, et al) are backed into a corner, what do you expect?" or "If only we'd get out of Iraq," or the worst of the drivel (banalizing 9/11) , "We had it coming."

Those who hold to this defection from traditional American doctrine are no different in philosophy than Fred Phelps and his ilk who thank god for IEDs. Of course we're being punished, we've done something wrong and now we're paying the piper. This is crap.

Terrorists come only to steal, kill, and destroy (cf. John 10:10). And those who even hint that they might have reason to do so are allowing the enemy to defend themselves in absentia. They are abdicating responsibility for others. There is no place for terror. It ought not exist. Period.

There is no excuse, cause, reason, or rationale for attacking thousands of non-combatants as witnessed on September 11th, 2001. And most people realize this. Most people suspect that that act of aggression was beyond conscionable.

Those who would agree that terrorism should not exist share a universal morality: In the best of all worlds, peace surpasses war. Those who are convinced that terrorism ought not exist and fight tooth and nail against it hold to a particularly Judeo-Christian ethic: One day this 'best of all worlds' will become a reality. I choose the latter.

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Picture Source: September 11th (hundreds of great pics)


  1. Thanks for the comments. I get lots of visitors by linking to you, of course!

    Actually, we used to have about 6 active contributors in any given week, and some of the popularrity is fumes from that, plus I've managed to entertain many of the remainder.

    We hope to get many folks to come back to blogging after moves or the elections.

    Obviously, I liked your post too, as did Basil.

  2. Excellent read..apologists are destroying the world as we know it.
    will link to this..Hope u do get the TB!..:)

  3. Thanks for the comments. This is a new type of war that must be confronted offensively. For those who think of Americans as the aggressors (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden) a key difference (other than a bunch of key differences - like being at WAR!) is that once the war concluded we helped rebuild. Our ultimate goal is peace and prosperity whereas terrorists will continue to steal, kill, and destroy. If Iraq offered to help rebuild the Twin Towers, I must have missed it.


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