Friday, June 30, 2006

This Weekend You Must Visit....

...These Blogs

1) The Kag Report: Tommy (Striving for Average) has a great new news & satire blog. Check out his simplified Soduko Challenge and his Advice Column. Great stuff. I predict lots of traffic. It'll become bigger than ... than ... some other satire blog that I used to read. And to think I was watching as it all began! Congrats Tommy.

2) FlashFlood: Flood is a great writer. And she's interviewing other great writers that are under the radar but hoping to break into the big time (isn't that the wish of most bloggers?). Definitely worth a visit, especially her Flash Fiction. Look for my interview with her some time (I think I'm still on deck).

3) Speaking of Interviews: Basil has me set for July 9 at his place. Go here to ask your questions (closing July 2nd). Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?


#1) Question: Does anyone know what Streaming Christianity is? I found my Obama post on their feed and don't know how it got there! I'm flattered, really. I've been syndicated! :-)


Keep it clean and positive. (And sorry about the word verification, but the spmb*ts are out in full force!)