Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pause for Politics

Taking a quick break from my usual mindless drivel to engage in a little partisan promotional pandering. Topic: Kansas Governor's Race.

Although I support Ken Canfield (he heads up the National Center for Fathering), I suspect he doesn't have enough clout to defeat Sebelius. So I'm leaning toward supporting Jim Barnett (here's his Kansas Legislature website) even though, according to a recent poll, Sebelius leads State Senator Jim Barnett 49% to 36%.

This from the latest Rasmussen Reports - June 19, 2006:
"The Republican field is crowded, with seven candidates are now vying for the GOP nomination, to be decided August 1. Among the issues being debated is the governor's willingness to sign a $541 million plan to finance publics schools—legislation, however, authored by Republicans. Republicans panjandrums have acknowledged that divisions in their party are helping the incumbent."
Other blogs chiming in...
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SalJournal details why I won't be voting for Sebelius.
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I'll share more next week when I discuss why I support Eric Carter for Insurance Commissioner. Thank you and good night.

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