Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday 13 - Shocking Facts Edition

Time to 'fess up.

This week's Thursday Thirteen is a compilation of 13 shocking revelations (!) that may damage my reputation in this part of the blogosphere.

Let's ease into it.

13. Lyn is not my given name.
12. Hell is not what you think.
11. Liberals do have a point.
10. Most worship choruses are lame.
9. I'm not related to Dane but I wish I was.
8. Dubbya does not excite me, to say the least.
7. I'd never heard of Bill Buckley until recently.
6. There is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ.
5. We should get out of the marriage business.
4. The rich do get richer. It's called compound interest.
3. God did not send Hurricane Katrina. Neither did Bush.
2. I'm ambivalent about immigration reform. (Sorry David @ TWC)

And the Number 1 Shocker that may damage my reputation in this part of the 'sphere...

1. I'm a registered Democrat.

Reprimands and/or commendations are now in order.

Shocking blogging buddies like: TMH, TWC, Dane, Cat, Drake, Pettifog, ATIWU, Shallow End, Yak, Tommy, Pet, Basil, Dumb Ox, Right Wing Nation

UPDATE: No way! No. Dang. Way. This post is featured in the roundup for June 22 at The Truth Laid Bear along with such notables as Wizbang! ; Right Wing News ; Washington Monthly ; and The Daily Kos

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