Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blogs of Summer Thank Yous Part 1

Want to start saying "Thank You" to our many participants even though we're not yet through with the Blogs of Summer. It's just good to acknowledge at the half-way point all the bloggers that are going out of their way to make the BoS a success. Here, let me tell ya about a few...

First, Pettifog is not only hosting the Milblog/Military Support blogpoll at Able Baker Charlie Delta, but wonderfully designed, crafted and produced the Blogs of Summer buttons and logos. Give Pettifog a round of applause. Plus, if you did happen to grab a button (or if you didn't, grab one now) why not drop in and express your gratitude!

Celebrating the Best Blogs of Summer

Celebrating the Blogs of Summer

Second, our Category Hosts without which none of this could happen. Crazy people who just happened to be on my email list that day and said yes to volunteering to host a blogpoll (which, btw, I know has given some us fits by not loading, loading too slow, and generally acting wacky - so I'm open to suggestions for next time). Give a huge round of applause (by clicking their links and voting at their blog) to:

1) Dane Bramage hosting Chick & Mommy Blogs
2) The Kag Report hosting Humor & Satire Blogs
3) Able Baker Charlie Delta (Pettifog) hosting Milblogs/Military Support
4) Random Yak hosting 2 (TWO!) Random Blog Clusters
5) Pet's Garden hosting Kitty Kat Blogs
6) Third World County hosting Political Blogs

Also, special mention to last minute volunteer Random Blog Cluster Host - all the way from the north arctic circle, way up in Norway, let's welcome, the one, the only - RennyBA's Terella!

And finally, I want to thank my cats, Penny & Purry. For no special reason other than I like to use the phrase, "and finally." So. Watch for winners and awards starting Friday. Some will go up Saturday.

Oh, and if you still want to play, nominations are open in the Random Blog Category and we'll be doing Random Cluster blogpolls for the next few weeks, or until this horse is dead and then we'll dismount. Thanks to all the participants and nominees. Enjoy and celebrate the Blogs of Summer.

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  1. Thank you so much for your warm welcome and of course I feel honoured to be the Nordic host. I think this friendly competition is great as you get to know new bloggers every hour.
    Good luck everyone and welcome to Norway any time - it's just a click away you know:-)


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